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Refer a family to the Parent Alliance

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www.paparentandfamilyalliance.orgHow Can the Parent Alliance Helpthe Families You Serve? ConnectThe families you serve are not alone. We can help connect themwith other families in their area or across the state.SupportOur Family Support Partners (FSP's) follow the family's lead andembrace the challenges they choose to address by offering apartnership of support. They're in charge. FSPs can also be a greatally to send families to if you have a waiting list to get themsupport as soon as possible.NavigateWe can provide guidance to help the families you serve to findthe services in their area that their child/family needs. EducateThrough educational resources, we help the families you servesuccessfully problem-solve and build skills in managing thesystems put in place for their child.TrainingWe provide training for families, providers, and communities froma family point of view. We utilize trainers with experience and anunderstanding of the challenges families are facing. We also offerpersonalized training for providers, to learn more about thisemail us at the family is ready, we’ll be here to help them build orenhance their advocacy skills. These skills will support their childand others like them in their community and across the state.Family Support Partners (FSP's) can deliverpeer to peer support to the families youserve who are caring for children andyoung adults (up to age 26) with identifiedor suspected social, emotional, behavioral,or mental health challenges. This isinclusive of learning and attention issues,as well as substance use disorders. Our Family Support Partners are just that,partners. They are highly trained parentswho have raised or are raising a child withchallenges that may mirror the ones yourfamilies may also be encountering. FamilySupport Partners will walk with them ontheir journey until they feel ready to walkon their own. To Refer a Family to Us forService:What can an FSP help with? Check out our Be Supported Page for moreinformation.